The Operator

Mission Laser was founded by William Azeff and Chantelle Beaudoin. Will and Chantelle are the owners and operators of Mission Liberte, the dyanamic and enthralling escape games that Tremblant’s visitors have come to love. But first and foremost, they are both parents and Tremblant regulars. As such, they count themselves fortunate to have been able to participate in all the activities and experiences Tremblant has to offer and are delighted to add to the resort’s diversity.

  • 1) Are there preferential prices for groups?
    a. Yes, groups of 20 or more benefit from 15% off regular rates.
  • 2) Can I request a private game?
    a. Yes, simply select “private experience” when booking your game.  Note, when booking a private game, you will be charged for 12 players even if you are fewer.
  • 3) What are Mission Laser’s operating hours?
    a. Hours vary with the season. Please click on “reserve now” to see the schedule for the dates you wish to visit.
  • 4) Do you serve food or offer a party room?
    a. Mission Laser is surrounded by numerous great restaurant options for you to continue the celebration after completing your lasertag game.
  • 5) Is there a theme? Is it Scary?
    a. Mission Laser offers a space themed experience. It isn’t meant to be scary but it is dark (lit by blue light only). It may not be appropriate for young children or nervous adults.
  • 6) What is the total capacity?
    a. Mission Laser can accommodate up to 14 players per session (120 players per hour).
  • 7) Is there a minimum height for players?
    a. Children must be at least 7 years old and large enough to snugly wear their lasertag vest. For safety reasons, if their shoulders are not 40″ above the ground when standing normally, they will not be allowed to play.
  • 8) Should I book my game ahead of time?
    a. That is best. If you don’t reserve in advance, we can’t be certain what availability will remain.
  • 9) Where can I leave my valuables while playing?
    a. Mission Laser does allow you to hang a coat or a bag in the Vesting Room while you are playing your lasertag game. While this room is off limits to other clients who are waiting for their turn, it is not secured and Mission Laser is not responsible for your belongings.
  • 10) What footwear should I wear?
    a. You should bring sneakers or other comfortable shoes. Players will not be allowed to play in skiboots or in bare feet.
  • 11) What should I wear?
    a. Mission Laser is air conditioned to a comfortable room temperature. You will be moving briskly and your heart will be racing, so you may prefer to wear light clothing (i.e no jackets or heavy sweaters).